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New Job Snuggling With Dogs Available—And The Thought Makes My Heart Sing

If you currently reside in the Tampa Bay Florida area, we may have the perfect job for you.

Help Wanted: “dedicated worker with a big heart, kind hands, and time for snuggles.  Must love dogs.”

If this sounds like a job you were born to do, then by all means apply.  This is an absolute dream job for anyone who is a true lover of dogs, and only want what is best for them.  The Humane Society of Tampa Bay feels that nothing is more therapeutic for shelters dogs than that of a human’s loving touch.

Image: ABC Action News

In that regard, they are seeking volunteers to come in and snuggle and pet on their current shelter residents.

Since most of the student volunteers that the shelter relies upon having gone back to school after the winter break, there is a significant shortage as well as demand for snugglers.  The shelter residents, dogs primarily that are scared or confused, some after surgery, need some snuggles to help them feel safe.

Image: The Animal Rescue Site Blog

When it comes to the best healthcare for shelter pets, love is right up there with food and water.  The benefits to touch are multiple—it can help to reduce stress levels, allow them to be more accepting of a human’s touch, and helps them to find and acclimate to their new forever homes more effectively.

Just a few minutes of kind words, loving scratches and the reception of sloppy kisses can do wonders to a dog’s mental state—not to mention the human as well.

Even though the idea of spending time just loving on and snuggle with the shelter dogs would seem to cause a line around the block of interested parties, the shelter states they are having trouble finding individuals to answer the call.  It would seem, to some, that the world is turning upside down when anyone would pass on the change to snuggle with dogs.