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New Contactless Food Delivery In China

What started as a localized illness has begun to firmly ensconce itself into our everyday lives.  For the residents in China, the coronavirus is making daily life difficult.  It is for this reason that both Pizza Hut and KFC have come up with a solution for the problem—contactless delivery.

Last week, in an effort to reduce any further risk of person-to-person transmission, both fast-food franchise chains developed what is being referred to as contactless delivery.  The reason for the new form of delivery, according to the China branch of the Yum company, is to aid in the protection of not only their employees but their customers a well.

In a statement released by the Yum office:

“The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is our top priority, and the innovative new services will help reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus and protect our employees and customers.”

Image: CBS News

Customers will be able to request an option for “contactless delivery” when placing their online order, or they may request it when the courier for the delivery calls for detail confirmation. 

The delivery individual will await the arrival of the customer, and then will place the delivery at a predetermined location.  They will then wait from 10 feet away to confirm that the customer has received the order and left.

For additional protection, the delivery staff is required to wear masks as well as disinfect both their hands and the delivery boxes after every delivery.

There is also an in-store contactless pickup service, which offers the option of takeout meals from instore pickup racks. 

The China office of Yum feels that this new contactless form of delivery and pickup will aid in further protecting both customers and employees.  Only time will tell if the effort will pay off as planned.