Never Oversleep Again Thanks To These Tips

I’m not what you would call a “morning person.” If you’re like me, you hate the sound of your alarm and either turn it off completely and slip back into sleep, or play a long game of “hit the snooze button.” How can you stop oversleeping? Here are four great tips:

Stick to a routine

Your body thrives on routine when it comes to sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Yes, even on weekends. You want to be sure to get at least 7 hours, though depending on who you are, you may need more. If it takes you a long time to get to sleep, pick an earlier bedtime so you’re actually asleep at a reasonable time. The earlier your bedtime, the earlier you’ll wake up.

Make your bedroom an oasis of slumber

A big reason why people struggle with insomnia, oversleeping, or frequent wake-ups is because of their bedroom environment. How many electronics do you have in there, all flashing blue lights? Do you lie in bed staring at your phone when you’re supposed to be trying to sleep, like the woman in the picture above? Are there lights from outside streaming into the room? Transform your bedroom into an oasis by not using any electronics 30-60 minutes before bed, moving electronics out, and keeping it dark.

Try a different alarm

Some people suggest getting rid of an alarm entirely, but if I tried that, I would never wake up. Another option is to use a different kind of alarm, like the app Alarmy, which requires you to solve a math problem or puzzle before the alarm actually shuts off. This prevents you from immediately turning it off before you’ve had the chance to wake up. By engaging your brain right away, you are more likely to stay awake and get out of bed.

Cut down on coffee

If you’re a big caffeinated coffee drinker, you’re putting your blood sugar on a roller coaster. Even if you aren’t drinking any in the evening, all those cups during the day affect your body’s ability to wind down. Start cutting down or switching to decaf. Sugar also causes blood sugar spikes, so take a look at how much you’re consuming, and start weaning down.