Netflix’s New Vampire Thriller Blood Red Sky

Netflix’s newest entry into the vampire thriller arena, Blood Red Sky, will feature stars Peri Baumeister, Alexander Sheer, and Dominic Purcell (Legends of Tomorrow).

The storyline revolves around a vampire searching for a cure to her condition but is forced into giving in to her bloodlust to save her son’s life from plane hijackers.  The three main characters find themselves on a transatlantic flight that finds them fighting for their survival.

Releases Friday, July 23rd on the online streaming service Netflix, Blood Red Sky is directed and co-written by Peter Thorwarth.  With a dialogue mixture of German and English, the movie was filmed in Prague.

The original production was under the working title of Transatlantic 473 but changed to one that was sure to grab attention—Blood Red Sky—just before the film’s official release.  The director of the film’s previous films includes those of Not My Day and The Last Cop.

Image: Indie Wire

The film’s plot revolves around a plane that has been hijacked and is going to crash, and in the process, take out many more lives than those onboard.  The main character, Nadja (Peri Baumeister), learns that she must do whatever she must to save her son’s life.

The character of Nadji is a single mother who not only was widowed in a violent incident but found she was left with the vampire blood curse.  In an attempt to rid herself of her vampirism, Nadji takes a transatlantic flight with her son but soon finds that she has ended up in deeper trouble than before.

Other members of the cast include Roland Moller (Karl), Kai Ivo Baulitz (Bastian Buchner), Chidi Ajufo (Curtiz), and Graham MacTavish (Col. Alan Drummond).

Blood Red Sky is currently available on the online streaming service Netflix.