Netflix Cancels “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

Netflix has been known for not taking chances with their original series to let them go on for two long. Just this year we saw them cancel numerous series that were not the most iconic. As the streaming platform becomes crowded with original content, where it seems like a new series and movie comes out every week on Netflix, there’s naturally going to be a lot of trimming going on. Sadly, “Mystery Science Theater 3000” has fallen into that category.

Though this isn’t the first time MST3K has been taken off television, it’s still sad to see it go so close to the annual Turkey Day celebration the franchise has been known for. The show was originally a product of Minnesota public access television which depicted a man trapped on a spaceship with robots, forced to watch awful movies and mock them along the way. The format proved to be successful enough for a whole show to launch around making fun of bad movies, lasting 10 seasons between airing on Comedy Central and The Sci-Fi Channel, and additionally receiving a theatrical movie in the middle of its run.

Since the show left television, it has had a cult fanbase that continued to circulate tapes and celebrate the franchise. The creators and actors have since gone onto transforming their format into numerous other mocking-cinema series as “Cinematic Titanic” and “Rifftrax” among others. To this day, members of the original cast continued to go on tours doing live movie riffing to packed auditoriums.

The new “MST3K” made for Netflix was truly a project of fan-won love. Only after a Kickstarter campaign was the project able to get the proper funding to produce the episodes that eventually land on Netflix. Though it lasted two seasons, which is not nothing, it’s sad that the show won’t continue on in this format, even though there’s little doubt that the MST3K crew will continue to riff on some other way.