Nestle Announces Espresso Chocolate Chips

Now that summer is coming to an end, the baking season is upon us. That means that speciality baking products are beginning to hit shelves across the country. Those fall inspired flavors like pumpkin are coming back in full force, appearing in everything from Starbucks drinks to Pillbsury ready to bake cookies.

Another popular flavor this year is coffee. Lots of companies are coming out with cold brew coffee products or integrating coffee flavors into foods for coffee lovers. Now, Nestle has introduced a new product that coffee lovers should really enjoy. Espresso chocolate chips.

Instead of getting a caffeine buzz from coffeee every morning, now peopel can get that same caffeine boost from cookies. These Nestle Espresso chocolate chips are made with real coffee as well as milk and cocoa.


The retail price for one bag is around $2.97 and each bag is about nine ounces in size. There are currently no other sizes being sold. The bag is in the familair Nestle yellow, with the Nestle Toll Houe logo and a maroon square with a small image of a shot of coffee with “Made with REAL COFFEE” beside it. Also, the cookie featured on the bag is large and looks to have dark colored chocolate chips inside it.

The bag contains about eighteen servings, which contain 80 calories and 4.5 grams of fat per serving. Right now, these caffeine chocolate chips are available at Walmart and online, although they are currently out of stock. Customers have expressed that these coffee chips have no bitterness to them but still have that expresso flavor.

These espresso chocolate chips contain no preservatives, no artifical flavors or colors and they contain both milk and soy. There is no information on whether or not these espresso chocolate chips will be available in other major retailers in the future.