National Treasure 3 Rumors Continue To Make The Rounds

Fans of the Nicolas Cage movie franchise, National Treasure, have reason to cheer. The reason being that it looks like Cage will be returning to the screen to steal even more artifacts of history, as the third installment seems to be in the works—if you were to believe the rumors and speculation that is abounding.

The news was supposedly recently broken by the Hollywood Reporter, as the third installment of the National Treasure franchise was mentioned in passing.  It all occurred when THR got word that a fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise had successfully tapped Chris Bremner for the script.  It was then that Bremner made mention of one of his upcoming projects, that of National Treasure 3.

Image: Small Screen

Even though Cage stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he himself had heard no specifics, rumors of a possible sequel, and third installment, of the franchise date all the way back to 2016.  Cage figured, at that time, the process of fact-checking may very well have been what was holding up the writing of the script.

The scripts that are required for films such as the National Treasure franchise are much more challenging to write, in that there are issues in the credibility of facts and fact-checking, as the storyline relies very heavily on actual historical events.  Then, there is also the fact, as brought up by Cage that:

“And then you have to make it entertaining.  I know that it’s been a challenge to get the script where it needs to be.”

Image: The Digital Wise

Just two months before the statements made by Cage, Bog Iger, the CEO of Disney at the time, brought up the subject at a meeting of the shareholders.  He went so far as to say that the first two installments in the National Treasure franchise were “really fine movies.”

Although Iger admitted that there had been both time, and resources, spent on the development of a sequel, he was quick to say that at this time there was not definitive green-lit on a possible sequel.