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Nancy Redd Introduces Black Santa To Children’s Books

Many children ask their mothers what does real Santa looks like? There has been a lack of diverse Santas everywhere, from shopping malls to ornament ships, and kids are wondering, does this man in red look like them?

Nancy Redd hopes to answer kids’ questions about Santa’s appearance in her new children’s book, The Real Santa.


Nancy says the holiday storybook is based on her 10-year-old son’s constant quest to figure out Santa’s appearance.

In the book, a black child questions his parents on the appearance of Santa on Christmas Eve, comparing his mental image of Santa Claus with miniatures and a holiday setting that shows St. Nick’s likeness.

Nancy tells ‘Yahoo Life,’ For him to go through this process and question, ‘Does Santa have a gray beard or white beard? Does he have a satchel or a sack? But times are changing, everything’s evolving, and Santa is part of that.”

She continues, “In my household, Santa is black, and I wanted my children to grow with a story where the characters look like them.”

In this holiday tale, a little boy asks his mother, father, grandma, and grandpa how real Santa looks before staying awake in the night to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. The child falls asleep but realizes through dark eyes when he is lifted to bed by a black Santa who resembles him.

Nancy says, “It is that kind of emotional, evocative moment that allows seeing how important representation is, especially with our young children. The earlier you start to fill their cup with belonging and love and security instead of otherness and exclusion, the better our whole society will be.”

The book tells a sweet story of Christmas and is adorably illustrated, and also, there is a greater purpose hidden in its pages. It also has a message for all households.


Nancy says, “You can take out looks like Santa is you and all of us. If we lived life like Santa giving, caring, believing, full of magic, hope, and joy. The world would be a better place. We all can be Santa and have to choose to.