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Multiple Uses For Silica Gel Packs

We have all, at one time or another, bought something only to find that there is a little silica gel pack present—most notably when purchasing shoes.

These small packs are placed within products to aid in keeping them dry and safe from damage due to moisture.  Most often, the little packets get tossed in the garbage, never to be seen again.

According to an article published in Science World, silica gel packs were designed to absorb and store moisture—aka water.  The gel is a desiccant that has the ability to hold 30 – 40% of its weight in fluid.

The article continues to explain that the tiny little grains in the silica resemble a sponge.  The appearance is explained to resemble “many tiny interconnected pores,” with the number providing a lot of surface space—much more than would be expected in such a tiny bead.

Image: YouTube

Because of the efficient manner of absorption, the silica gel packs have several beneficial uses.

Keeping Books Dry

Placing the gel packs into the backpack of your child will keep their books and other school supplies dry.

Pet Food

If your pet food is stored in a place where there is increased humidity, such as a garage or a storage building, there is an increased probability of the food becoming soggy or developing mildew.  Placing the silica gel packs in the food can alleviate this problem—just make sure to check for any before feeding your pet.

Keeping Detergents from Clumping

Whether you use dry laundry detergent, or even powdered dishwasher detergent, placing a few silica gel packs in your container will go a long way to keeping your detergent from clumping.

Gym Bag

Gym bags are notorious for containing damp clothing.  By adding a few silica gel packs to the bag, there is a significant decrease in mold or mildew development chances.