Multiple Teams Reported To Be Featured In Doctor Strange 2

The Avengers arch may have wrapped up with Avengers: Endgame, but the interest in team-based storylines runs strong within the MCU—more so than ever before.  The evidence of this can be seen in both the confirmed and hypothetical projects slated yet to premiere.

Examples include Eternals, which has an upcoming release in just six short weeks.  The Guardians of the Galaxy will officially get the third installment into the franchise, along with a holiday special, and several members will appear in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.  Fantastic Four has been confirmed as in development, and discussions are ongoing for the return of the X-Men franchise.

Reports indicate that several superhero teams will appear in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to get the team spirit ball rolling.  From the moment the Doctor Strange sequel’s name was confirmed, the Illuminati have been significant players in the fandom rumor mills.

Image: Movieweb

Speculation has it that the sequel will prove to be even wilder than Spider-Man: No Way Home.  Benedict Cumberbatch has even been reported as saying that Doctor Strange 2 will be even more ambitious than the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

Fans have learned nothing if not to pay attention to the devil in the details.  The title of the Doctor Strange sequel offers up a lot of information, and if that weren’t enough to get fan’s mouths watering, Loki and What If…? have shown us that there are multiple variants of well-loved characters out there waiting to be discovered.

Other rumors indicated that the sequel would introduce and feature a team reminiscent of the Avengers.  Which team this may be is anyone’s guess right now, but if one were to look to the comics, the possibilities of which one it might be are endless.