Most Unique M&M Flavors

Owned by Mars, M&M candies got their start thanks to the U.S. armed forces. For a while, the candies were sold exclusively to soldiers during WWII, but once the war was over, the company expanded. At their most basic, M&Ms are just milk chocolate. However, there are lots of special and limited flavors that pop up periodically. They’re often chosen by customers. Here are the most unique M&M flavors ever, from the United States and around the world: 

Crunchy raspberry

A rare sight, but you can still find these in some places online.

Crispy s’mores

M&Ms with a graham-cracker interior.

Orange vanilla cream

A limited edition flavor exclusive to Dollar General in 2018. 

Thai coconut peanut

Part of the 2019 new flavor series up to consumer voting. 


A chocolate, coconut, and jam flavor only available in Australia. 

Orange chocolate

You might be able to find these online, but no word on how old they might be. 

White chocolate carrot cake

A limited edition Easter flavor.


This looks like an autumn flavor.

Cafe mocha

Part of a flavor series revolving around hot beverages. 


A whole almond in each M&M. 

Strawberried peanut butter

Yes, that’s the actual name. It was a Transformers tie-in in 2009. 

Cherry cordial

A Christmas flavor. 

Pecan pie

A Thanksgiving release.

White chocolate candy corn

A candy mash-up for Halloween.

Candy apple 

An autumn flavor from around 2014. 

Pumpkin spice

Because of course. 


A Christmas limited edition from 2013.

White cheesecake

A Valentine’s Day flavor.


Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors in each M&M.


Another Valentine’s Day release.

White strawberry shortcake

Possibly a Valentine’s Day flavor. 


Also most likely from Valentine’s Day, considering the red M&M is dressed as Cupid on the bag. 

Sweet and spicy

Released in China, peanut M&Ms got mixed with hot pepper.