More Twilight Books To Come

Twilight fans rejoice!  It seems that the author of the book series, Twilight, has hinted that she may not be quite done with the story line just yet.

Although Edward, Bella, and Jacob’s story officially ended with the 2008 book Breaking Dawn, it seems that author Stephenie Meyer may have more to tell.   As many fans remember, the original Twilight series, which consisted of four books, was told in a five-movie franchise, which officially wrapped up in 2012.

Image: Film Daily

With the tremendous success of both the book series and the adapted films, Meyer, it seems, had planned to write a spin-off series of books that included her Midnight Sun.  This entry into the Twilight saga would be told from Edward Cullen’s, the head of the vampire clan’s point of view.

After a first draft of the novel somehow got leaked online, Meyer chose to abandon the story line and the novel.  However, just this year, fans of the series were surprised when Meyer did, in fact, release the Midnight Sun book—twelve whole years after the book project was first officially announced.

No, in a report by USA Today, it seems Meyers has, during an event hosted online by the book chain Books-A-Million, teased the additional books to follow Midnight Sun.  Although she does admit she has more stories set in the world of Twilight to tell, Meyer also emphasized that she wasn’t quite ready to tell them yet.  Meyer said she is ready right now to do something new.

Image: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

It is undeniable over the past few years that the Twilight series remains near and dear to her heart.  She has also stated that she would like to change some elements of the original Twilight series if it were possible, which clearly shows that she wants to keep telling the story.

Either way, fans have Midnight Sun to hold them over until Meyer is ready to tell the story further.