M&M’s Mixes Coming in 2021

M&M’s are one of the most well-known candies available throughout the world. They also come in many different flavors like plain chocolate, chocolate with peanuts, peanut butter, crispy, caramel, nutella, and more. Also, there are seasonal flavors like mint, spicy, coffee, toffee and more for people to enjoy.

M&M’s have also been available in collaborations with other brands and are available in candy mixes with pretzels, peanuts and more. M&M’s usually introduces new flavors and new products each year, even going as far as letting fans choose the next flavor to hit store shelves. Now, the brand has unveiled a brand new product which is a mashup of its own candy.


M&M’s Mixes are the new product and it is a mix of classic M&M’s flavors. In fact, there are two new Mixes products to choose from. The M&M’s Classic Mix and the M&M’s Peanut Mix. Each Classic Mix pack includes classic milk chocolate M&M’s, peanut butter M&M’s, and peanut M&M’s.

The M&M’s Peanut Mix includes milk chocolate with peanuts, dark chocolate with peanuts and white chocolate with peanuts in one bag. In addition, the new product is available in small sizes, as well as sharing sizes with resealable bags. These new products are entirely a surprise, as fans have been asking for mix M&M bags for a few years, and it is a brilliant sharing option, as there is an element of surprise.

Despite the announcement, fans will have to wait until April 2021 to sample these new products, which is when they will be available in stores to buy. In addition, fans of the candy just have to go to Twitter and Instagram to enter a contest and win a whole year’s worth supply of M&M candy to enjoy. There is no word on an official retail price, but they should be priced the same as other M&M candy options.