M&M’s Coffee Creamer Has Arrived

Attention coffee lovers! Your morning cup of joe just got a little more sugary. Some people like their coffee black, some people like it with some sugar, and some people like their coffee with creamer.

Luckily, there are tons of coffee creamer flavors to choose from, including vanilla, italian creme,  toffee and much more. In fact, there are even seasonal flavors of coffee creamer that have been inspired by the Christmas movie “Elf” and other flavorful collaborations with Reese’s and much more.

There really is a coffee creamer flavor for everyone. In fact, there is also coconut coffee creamer for people looking for alternative options. Now, a new name is jumping into the coffee creamer game. M&M’s, one of the most recognizable candy brands on the planet, recently announced that a M&M’s coffee creamer from Coffeemate and Nestle will be reaching customers in 2021.

According to Nestle, this M&M’s milk chocolate coffee creamer is “made with notes reminiscent of classic Milk Chocolate M&M’s, and will melt into the mug to create a decadent “coffee-meets-chocolate experience. ”


Fans who want to try this new concoction will have to wait until January 2021. That is when this new sugary coffee creamer will be available in store locations nationwide. When it arrives, the new product will be available only in 32 ounce bottles and will have a retail price of $3.79.

It’s unclear if this new flavor will be a seasonal option or if it will be near to stay. Some people have already spotted this new product at their local stores, and apparently, it tastes just like the beloved candy. There are tons of M&M flavors as well, so it’s likely that even more M&M flavors may be coming in the future. This is a great sugary option for anyone who wants a dose of candy with their morning coffee.