Mini Corn Dogs Perfect for Cook Outs

It can be a little tricky appeasing the kiddos at the many summer cook outs you and your friends host. Having some extremely awesome food doesn’t mean there won’t be at least one coming up asking for something else not on the menu (am I right?). One thing I have found that seems to always be popular: corn dogs! This easy and delicious homemade corn dog recipe will definitely be a hit and make all the kids come back for more. I’m sure even some of the parents will be getting in on this action!

Food Network

What you Need: Serves 8-12

1 pound hot dogs

1 cup cornmeal

1 cup all purpose flour

1 tsp salt

½ tsp garlic powder

3 tbsp granulated sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

1 egg

1 ¼ cups milk

4 cups vegetable oil

Step 1: Cut the hot dogs into quarters and set aside

Step 2: Heat the vegetable oil over medium-high heat

Step 3: While oil is heating up, begin mixing the dry ingredients in a bowl. Next, add in the milk and egg and stir until the mixture is completely smooth

Step 4: Using tongs, grab each hot dog and coat in the mixture fully. Shake off any excess coating

Step 5: Place battered dogs into the hot oil and cook until brown. About 3-4 minutes

Step 6: Once done, place dogs on paper towels to soak up any extra grease, serve and enjoy!