Milk Bar Cookies Are Now Available On The Cookie Aisle

MilkBar is a bakery which is known for creating out of the box desserts, including the unforgettable cereal soft serve or the addictingly delicious crack pie. Saturday morning cereals, chips, cookies, snacks and sprinkles are all inspirations for these colorful and flavorful desserts.

MilkBar began in New York City in 2008, and has since expanded to cities like Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. There are eighteen total locations, and serve nearly three million cookies each year.  Now, the bakery is expanding its customer base even more, by offering their products right to consumers from the aisles of the supermarket.

The unique treats bakery is introducing three different types of cookies to consumers through the grocery store. These cookies are the “compost” cookie, which consists of potato chips, pretzels, coffee grounds, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips pieces.


“It has been our best seller since Day 1,” says Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi. “I think that’s got to do with the unique nature of its name. This is what I have in my cupboard.”

The next type of cookie is the dessert favorite sprinkle cookie, a confetti inspired rainbow cookie filled with sprinkles. The other cookie is a mix of cornflakes, marshmallow and chocolate chip, which is a combo that creates a texture filled and flavorful experience for the eater.

Christina Tosi explained, “We’ve been working towards bringing our vision to grocery stores for quite a while. Never in a million years would I have thought that come time for launch the world would be facing what it is right now.”

The cookies were supposed to launch on April 1, but due to the current pandemic, the new products have appeared in small markets like North Carolina, although they will be available on Amazon starting May 1. Currently, they can be found at Whole Foods.

“Grocery stores have always been my North Star—it’s why I started baking the way I do,” says Tosi, who aims to disrupt some of the big names including Keebler and Oreo. “The American cookie aisle is relatively stagnant, and that’s what we’re coming out for.”