Michael Strahan Gushes Over Isabella Strahan’s First Fashion Show

Michael Strahan, co-host of Good Morning America, is a proud father. He just witnessed his teenage daughter, Isabella, walk the runaway!

Strahan posted a video to his Instagram profile of the Sherri Hill runway show and set it to Rihanna and T.I. ‘s 2008 single “Live Your Life.”

He captioned, “Very proud of you, @isabellastrahan, for crushing your first runway this weekend for @sherrihill!!!!”

It’s always such a joy for a parent to see their child succeed in what they love!

The hashtags #ProudDad and #GirlDad appear at the bottom of his post.

The former New York Giants player received praise from commenters for supporting his teenage daughter in the comments section. People were surprised at how quickly time had passed.

Taking care of twins Isabella and Sophia on top of having a full-time job is no easy feat.

Strahan told Esquire in 2016 that raising twins at the same time wasn’t easy.

He said, “I’ll tell you, those first three years, they are tough. “One poops, and the other one doesn’t. One is hungry, and the other one isn’t. But then, getting them on the schedule was the big thing. But that wasn’t until they were about 3. Then you got a whole bunch of other things going on.”

At six, “these whole personalities” start to emerge.

Strahan explained, “One is outgoing, one is internal. And then you think you have it down, and just then, they change it on you. Total swap and you are all like, ‘Wait, what? I thought I had this figured out! No fair!’ That comes, or came for us anyway when they were about 11.”