Mel Gibson Says There Will Be A Lethal Weapon 5

You can say what you will about Mel Gibson’s personal life, but the man is a true master at the craft when it comes to acting.  With this said, Gibson recently took the opportunity to remind fans that a fifth sequel to the Lethal Weapon franchise is still a genuine possibility.

Since rumors first started flying in 2017, the possibility of the sequel getting made has been running both hot and cold.  Word has been that the director of the original film, Richard Donner, has been working diligently with co-stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in an attempt to get the production off the ground.

Image: Mens Journal

Then, in 2018, Donner made the statement that the project was DOA and looks never to get made.  Earlier this year, the film producer Dan Lin said the sequel would indeed happen, and now it would appear Mel Gibson is backing up Lin’s statement.

Those involved with the film, tentatively titled Lethal Finale, have said that it will be the final entry into the franchise.  Fans are hoping that the entire original cast will be back and that the characters will be sent off on both a high and emotional note, as Donner wants.

As Donner sees it, the current script is “very dark” and not one that he really wants the franchise to end with.  Because of the dark undertones, it is believed that there may be a rewrite to obtain the tone that Donner is looking for.

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As for whether or not the confirmation of the film is valid, in an appearance that Gibson made on Good Morning America recently, and was asked if Lethal Weapon 5 was going to happen, the actor replied affirmatively, adding:

“The man who was behind all that, the man who brought it to the screen and gave it its, the goodies, is working on it right now:  Richard Donner.  He’s a legend.”