Meet The Knitting Creators Reinventing The Art

Don’t store your sweaters just yet, as weird girl style dominates fashion trends, with colorful knits taking center stage. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid, with her knitwear line, and brands like Miu Miu and Prada, have popularized eccentric knits. The interest in knitting during the COVID-19 lockdown sparked a surge in fiber artists, resulting in unique and independent knitwear pieces. This trend began in the fall of 2021 and has continued with dresses, sets, and handbags made from yarn.

Reagan Flora’s playful knitwear creations, featuring bows and baby animals, blend Y2K grunge with camp. Her designs gained popularity after she dressed influencer Emma Chamberlain, but she has been sharing them on social media since early 2021. Flora credits the supportive community of knitwear artists for her growth, as resources are available for learning every step of the craft, and fellow creators are willing to answer questions.

Over 200 million people have viewed #knittingtutorial on TikTok, where creators share their skills. For some, knitting is a way to connect generations of women. Kendall Ross learned to crochet from her grandmother and now creates unique wearable art under the brand I’d Knit That. Her intricate sweaters feature panels with personal thoughts and have been exhibited at galleries, becoming highly sought after and consistently sold out.

Gen Z is increasingly embracing sustainable fashion through thrifting and vintage clothing, and knitting and crochet offer a durable alternative to fast fashion. Despite clothing production doubling, the lifespan of garments has decreased. However, if made with care, knitted items can last a lifetime, unlike the fast fashion pieces that flood the market.