Mediterranean Diet Made Easy By Beauty Writer-Turned-Entrepreneur

With her innovative approach to inside-out beauty, Tatiana Boncompagni is bringing its best to life. In a new partnership, the beauty writer is taking Eat Sunny to new heights with the help of the New York Times.

Village Super Markets Inc. has signed on to distribute Boncompagni’s organic, ready-to-eat meals through Fairway and Gourmet Garage.

It was organic for Boncompagni to graduate from writer to founder. She said, “As a young girl, I had always been interested in food. Most kids grew up wanting to bake cookies, and I had always been interested in healthy food.”

Therefore, she creates her meals nutritionally, similar to skin care formulations. She said, “I almost think of myself as a cosmetic chemist building a formulation. What does a certain ingredient do for the skin or body?”

You can choose banana kale waffles, herb-roasted wild salmon, and shrimp vermicelli noodle salad for breakfast. She said, “I love our poached chicken salad; it comes with this vegan sort of ranch dressing. We do a fantastic salad.”

Despite launching just as the first pandemic wave hit New York, Eat Sunny quickly won fans among the beauty and fashion crowds, from Bobbi Brown to Valentino. Boncompagni added, “We’ve done activations for Neutrogena, Lancôme, and Naturopathica.”

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The meals combine Boncompagni’s nutritional expertise with familiar favorites. She said, “We follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet, but we’re global in terms of our meals. There are Asian influences. There are American influences.”

The meal delivery service is available in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and will be distributed by Gourmet Garage and Fairway. Boncompagni said, “I want to meet people where they are.” People can find meal delivery inaccessible, especially in the healthy food space.