McDonald’s Adds Technology to Predict Customer Orders

McDonald’s is one of the most beloved fast food restaurant chains in America, and they are always looking to add more customers and keep up with customer demand. McDonald’s has helpful dollar menus, lots of trendy food items, and even mobile ordering in most locations. Now, the fast food chain is moving to actually predict orders that customers will make in order to save time.

There is a company called Dynamic Yield, which is an artificial intelligence-powered personalization platform that specializes in “decision technology” and is a joint effort of a company based in both Tel Aviv and New York. Using this new technology means that food choices will be more tailored for specific ordering.

This means that outdoor ordering or mobile ordering will be more specific and show food items based on things like time of day, weather, and other factors, as well as limited edition foods and restaurant traffic. This also means that the “decision technology can also instantly suggest and display additional items to a customer’s order based on their current selections.”


McDonald’s will be the first brick and mortar restaurant chain that will implement this sort of technology. The technology was actually tested at some select McDonald’s locations across the country earlier this year, but now McDonald’s has added the technology and will implement it at all drive-thru and mobile ordering stations at McDonald’s chains nationwide.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer said, “With this acquisition, we’re expanding both our ability to increase the role technology and data will play in our future and the speed with which we’ll be able to implement our vision of creating more personalized experiences for our customers. Technology is a critical element of our Velocity Growth Plan, enhancing the experience for our customers by providing greater convenience on their terms.”