Matt Reeves Might Have His Penguin—And His Alfred Too

There is no denying the fact that the DC universe has a talent for catching its fans by surprise.  And this talent is never more evident than when it comes to Matt Reeves’s current project, The Batman.

As anyone who has been following the project’s development knows, it pretty much sat in what is termed development hell for years.  However, Reeves is reportedly now gathering his cast and crew, and the film will soon go into production.

We have already learned that Robert Pattinson has been tapped for the titular role of the big bat himself.  And it has previously been announced that two of the baddies have been cast as well—that of Paul Dano for the Riddler and Zoe Kravitz for Catwoman.

However, ever since the early whispers of the film coming together, the role of the Penguin has been touted as the top antagonist of the storyline.  And now, it would seem that Reeves has possibly found his Penguin.  A plethora of actors has been considered to star along Pattinson’s Batman in the role, two of which were Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan.

Image: Appocalypse

However, it is being reported that the actor that may very well be donning the “flippers” of  Oswald Cobblepot is none other than Colin Farrell.  Although Deadline claims that the role is a done deal, there has been confirmation by Reeves, the studio, or even Farrell himself.

It is also being rumored, with no confirmation of this writing, that Reeves may very well have found his Alfred Pennyworth as well.  Andy Serkis is rumored to be discussing the possibility of joining the cast as Bruce Wayne mentor and Batman’s confidant.

If Farrell does indeed sign on to the iconic role, he will have some big flippers to fill, as he will be joining the previous great actors who have breathed life into the role of the Penguin—including the immortal Burgess Meredith, as well as the recent version portrayed by Rob Lord Taylor on the latest TV series Gotham.