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Married With Children: 15 Crazy Secrets Revealed

Katey Sagal’s Hidden Pregnancies

Three seasons out of 10, Katey Sagal had to hide the fact she was pregnant while playing Peggy Bundy. Sadly, her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage which made for a tough season. Being surrounded by family and playing a role as mother wasn’t easy for Katey after her loss, but the cast rallied around her and got her through. When Katey found out she was pregnant a second time, it remained a healthy pregnancy and the directors were successful at hiding her growing belly. For her third and last pregnancy, the crew had to get more creative with her outfits, but they managed to hide that one as well.


Kelly Is A Fake

That blonde mane that always looked so shiny and full… yeah… it’s fake. Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate, wore a blonde wig through some seasons. She had to keep her hair dark for other roles on other shows and in other movies. Also, Christina’s natural hair color is brown, but she dyed her hair blonde often so the directors wrote it into the script. In the show, they had Kelly Bundy start dying her hair in her pre-teens.


Charge It On My Vista

In order to avoid getting sued, the VISA card sign in the shop window of the women’s shoe store where Al Bundy worked had to be changed to VISTA cards. You can see it in most scenes with him in the store. Mainstream fans of Married… With Children never seemed to notice. The media didn’t pick up on it either until a hardcore fan of the show discovered it and leaked it to the public. Nobody seemed to care.