Maple Creme Flavored Oreos Have Arrived

Iconic cookie Oreo is known for its versatile flavors and interesting flavor combinations and 2019 is no exception. As the fall leaves begin to turn and the weather turns cooler, more seasonal food trend flavors will soon appear on store shelves.

Oreo has many different seasonal flavors for the holidays, like peppermint, and they even have flavors they bring back every single year due to popularity, in addition to new flavors for customers to indulge in. This year, Oreo is bringing in a limited edition flavor which is both ideal for autumn and appropriate as a breakfast food.

The Nabisco company recently announced the existence of Maple Creme Oreos, a double whammy of both flavor and color for the traditional chocolate cookie and creme icing dessert. Now fans can get a golden cracker sandwich with a maple-flavored creme in the center.


Just like the flavor suggests, the maple creme will taste like maple syrup. The usually blue Oreo package will even be a bright yellow, with the Oreo logo encased in a large glass container of maple syrup, which is shaped like a maple leaf. The limited-edition flavor will be available for sale in the regular cookie-sized packages, and in some areas, the cookies have been available in stores since September.

This maple syrup flavor isn’t a total surprise from Oreo, as breakfast inspired flavors like cinnamon bun, and waffles and syrup have been customer-pleasing flavors in the past. It’s likely that maple creme Oreos will be available for years to come, and are available at the regular retail price for other Oreo cookie flavors.

There is no official end date for these maple creme cookies, although the holiday and Christmas centric flavors will be dropping soon, so be sure to stop by a grocery store or major retailer like Target and Walmart near you, and grab these before they are sold out!