Mandy Moore’ Son Shares His Parents Love Of Music With His ‘New Fav Toy’

Mandy Moore is thrilled these days as she is enjoying her motherhood.

Her son August expresses his love for music at a very young age, which has surprised his mother, Moore. August is a 10-month-old child who is already a pro at ringing bells.


Mandy shares some snaps and videos on her Instagram from baby Gus’s first Christmas. It seems that she and her husband Taylor Goldsmith, a songwriter-performer, have a music lover the size of a pint on their hands.

She shared some photos of the family’s festive gathering and a video of a little one playing with a set of colorful bells he got from the couple’s pal Phoebe Bridger’s mom, Jamie Gondola Bridgers.

Moore captioned the post, “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Goldsmiths. Also, thanks for Gus’s new fav toy.”

Goldsmith also shared a sweet photo of himself with baby Gus, captioning, “Oh, I get Christmas again. Merry Christmas, everyone.”

The couple welcomed their baby Gus in February. Since then, they have been their fans and followers to each stage of their parenting journey for the first time. They have been posting their real experiences about breastfeeding and taking baby Gus on a plane for the first time in four months.


The couple has been sharing openly and honestly the journey of Gus about every milestone. We all hope that they had a lovely first Christmas with a family of three and that the baby Gus continues to make beautiful music with its brand new bells.