Man Invents Motorized Drift Couch


Many people want to leave their houses sometimes, but find themselves reluctant to leave their couch. One man has single-handedly changed that. An amateur inventor is taking the internet by storm, by unveiling a video of his latest creation:  a fully motorized couch.

Daniel Winter, an amateur inventor of “dumb motorized stuff” uploaded a video to YouTube this week of his newest invention and testing it out. The video includes Winter and two friends seated on the three-seater pink couch and speeding down a local street.

The video also begins with a short explanation of how the motorized couch came to be. The seat cushions were removed from the couch and a special, customized wooden frame seat was added to the middle section, after the slates were removed. A bike handle and wheels were placed inside the hole of the couch, with the wooden seat placed behind the handle.

This means that the operator of the couch must sit in the middle of the couch, which also allows the couch to balance while in motion to prevent crashes or other problems. It’s not currently clear what the top speed of the couch is. The YouTube video shows that the couch is sturdy, can increase speed quickly and has excellent maneuverability, with one, two or even three occupants.

The motorized drift couch is not the first invention from Daniel Winter, who in the past has debuted a gas powered skateboard and a motorized “wheelie bin” trash container to more easily take out the trash. The video also shows how exactly the couch is gassed up and the motor is turned on. One of the men even practices drifting the couch on a closed road with some success, which is not an easy feat with the dimensions of a pink three-seater couch.