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Man Finds Lost Engagement Ring Just in Time

With a little bit of good fortune, a man was able to recover a lost family heirloom he intended to use as an engagement ring.

The story begins three years ago when Nico Bellamy was given an engagement ring by the father of his longtime girlfriend, Caitie Schlisserman. It was particularly special because it was the engagement ring of Schlisserman’s grandmother.

Bellamy kept the ring in a safety deposit box. But as the couple planned to move and he got closer to proposing, Bellamy decided to hold onto it. On the day of the move, he put the ring in a plastic bag, put the bag in a box, and kept the box in his backpack.

A week after the move, he realized it was gone. The backpack had been unzipped and the box was gone. He assumed the ring had been stolen by the movers he hired.

Bellamy’s discovery came right before he was set to pick up Schlisserman’s father from the airport.

“I have a really great relationship with him, so I was worried about damage to that,” recalls Bellamy. “That was the main thing.”

On the way home from the airport, Bellamy took a back road to avoid traffic. At one intersection, he saw a sign posted to a tree that read: “Found Engagement Ring.” He was immediately convinced the ring was his.

After they got home, Bellamy snuck out of the house, saying he had to “take the dog for a walk.” He went back to the sign to get the number.

The ring was, indeed, the one Bellamy lost a week earlier. It had been found in an alleyway where the moving truck had been parked. There was only about a two-hour period between the time Bellamy realized the ring was gone to the time he got it back.


“I went through like every stage of panic, anger, fear and then joy in such a small amount of time,” Bellamy says. “It was the most stressful two hours in my life.”

With the ring back in his possession, Bellamy was finally able to use it to propose while the couple was in Paris on New Year’s Eve. Bellamy adds that the couple who found the ring will be receiving an invitation to the wedding.