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Man Achieves The Impossible: Cracking Up A Royal Guard

Imagine if your entire career relied on your ability to keep a straight face. The Royal Guard of England are required to protect Buckingham Palace without even considering a smirk, and it’s natural for tourists to test the limits to see if they can get a soldier to crack a smile.

One funny guy decided to test his luck by trying his comedic act on an unsuspecting guard, and the results were hilarious. The soldier couldn’t help but let out a little laugh!


The man was confident in his comedic approach. With the help of his friend asking him questions, his standup act was flawless. His friend asks him how long he’s known the guard, and the man claims he’s known him for 30 years and they went to school together in Kensington.

You can see the soldier trying to hold back a smile once the man claims that the stoic soldier would answer all questions in school by nodding his head “yes” or “no,” even when asked his name.


The floodgates really open when the hilarious man states, “his mother always picked him up from school. He was that type of guy until he was 20. His mother always picked him up from school.”

The Royal Guard couldn’t resist anymore. He left out a slight chuckle and an unmistakable smile, and it’s absolutely adorable.


The comedian and his friends couldn’t help but crack up at the sight of a member of the Royal Guard leaving his serious role, if only for a moment. The soldier quickly walked off the laughter and went back to his stance of stoicism.

The man who accomplished this most incredible feat with the help of his comedic genius fled to the London streets afterward. He will always be remembered as the man who did the impossible, and that’s enough to make anyone smile.