Making Those Bananas Last Longer

One could lay good odds on the fact that more than most households consider the banana an essential breakfast staple. 

However, for a fruit that is so loved and sought after, it is not exactly the hardiest and most resilient of the produce family.

When purchasing bananas that are that beautiful golden yellow means that you have just a day or two to eat them, before those dreaded, unappealing dark spots set in.  At that point, they are only good for baking or the occasional smoothie.

However, there are a few tips that will lengthen the lifespan of these beautiful delights.  Check them out below.

Its All About The Hormones

Many have thought to themselves at one time or another that it might be their imagination that their bananas ripen at a quick pace. 

Well, the good news is it is not your imagination! 

Bananas emit a substance known as ethylene, which in turn works to expedite the ripening process.  In a world where many work feverously trying to slow down the aging process, bananas proudly speed it up!

Image: Harvard University

It’s All In The Stem

The source of the ethylene emission in a banana is located in the stem.  That is why many people choose to wrap the stems in plastic. 

This provides a form of isolation that prevents the ethylene from traveling downward on the banana. 

It is not a sure-fire method, or even a guaranteed one, but it may buy you a few days.

Let Them Hang Out

When it comes to the best-known method of storing bananas, do not go the way of a closed container.  T

he most critical part of storage is that there must be proper air circulation.  It is best to hang your bananas on either a banana tree, a hook, or the side of a hanging basket.