Make An Awesome Cinder Block Bench In Just A Couple Of Hours

Summer is coming soon, and with warmer weather comes the desire to spend more time outside. Unfortunately, patio and outdoor furniture can be expensive. To combat this, Matt Russo made a video tutorial on his YouTube channel that shows you how to create a unique, stylish outdoor bench with just a few concrete blocks and some wood.

Russo, who goes by the YouTube handle aCreativeTraveler, makes the process easy, quick, and inexpensive so you can enjoy the outdoors as soon as possible.

Shopping List

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own cinder block bench:

14 cinder blocks
6 pieces of wood (4in x 4in x 8ft)
1 can primer
1 can paint
1 paint roller
1 tube silicone adhesive
1 small can of Spar Urethane
1 synthetic bristle brush
3 seat cushions and 3 back cushions

Start With Cinder Blocks

Start by gluing the cinder blocks together, as shown. Glue the seventh block on the top of your cinder block stack in an L shape to act as the back of the bench. Repeat so you have two sides to your bench. Primer and paint the sides a color of your liking. It’s best to use a roller for the primer and paint.

Prepare The Wood

Next, prepare the wood by sanding it lightly with 200-320 grit sandpaper. Add three coats of Urethane to protect the wood, sanding lightly between coats. Use the synthetic bristle brush for the best finish.

Put It All Together

Position the cinder block sides about 7 feet apart, then slide the finished wood planks into the holes to create a bottom and back to your bench. Finish off with a nice set of cushions and relax, because you just spent a fraction of the cost you could have shelled out on a gorgeous outdoor bench!