Lunchables Cookie Dunks Are The Newest Dessert Snack For 2020

Lunchables are without a doubt one of the most recognizable and portable lunch meals in America. Lunchables are a nostalgic and beloved lunch that most kid’s really wanted to have in their lunch boxes at school. Some of the best lunchtime debates are whether or not the pizza was better than the nachos flavor.

Over the years, Lunchables have released new meal items, as well as including drinks like Capri Suns and desserts like mini Crunch bars. They have also moved into the brunch area, releasing a line of “Brunchables” which are mostly breakfast foods like muffins and pancakes.

The latest creation by Lunchable is called the Lunchables Snack Combinations, which are all dessert-themed. The famous lunch brand has released three unique dessert flavored snacks that involve chocolate, cookies and marshmallow.


The first lunch combination is called Dirt Cake, which is an individual pack of three separate compartments. The first compartment is filled with Oreo cookie crumbs, the second compartment has chocolate flavored marshmallow frosting, and the third compartment has a couple of gummy worms, and all you have to do is dip away to enjoy!

The second kind is called Cookie Dunks and includes a compartment of several miniature chocolate chip cookies, a container of marshmallow creme, and a compartment of rainbow-colored sprinkles. They are simple to dunk and enjoy, and the portions are all equal and enjoyable.

The third kind is called S’mores Dippers, which includes honey graham crackers, miniature chocolate chips, and a compartment of marshmallow creme. These containers are all sold individually, and easily fit into a lunchbox or school bag for an extra bit of sugar.

Each individual pack of Lunchable Snack Combinations has a retail price of just one dollar for each pack. Also, these new snacks are already available at Walmart stores nationwide.