Luck Charms Beer Returning to Smartmouth Brewing Company

What a year for Lucky Charms! The beloved childhood cereal which is filled with magically delicious marshmallows in fun shapes has been returning to grocery stores across the country with marshmallows only bags. The brand also had a contest to send ten thousand lucky fans a cereal box of Lucky Charms only marshmallows cereal.

Last year, a Virginia brewing made global headlines when they announced that they had created a beer based on the Lucky Charms cereal marshmallow flavor. Thousands of people came out for the weekend event at Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk last year, and they ran out of beer.

This year, the company has announced a repeat event, with another batch of the Saturday Morning IPA, which is the name of the Lucky Charms brew. The Saturday Morning IPA will be available to the public on draft and for sale in 16 ounce 4-packs. The available supply will be much higher than last year, although it will still be limited in quantity.


Fans wishing to try the new Saturday Morning IPA should show up on Saturday, March 7, 2020, from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Norfolk location.  In addition to the new beer release, customers can expect festivities like delicious local food pop-ups, additional beer releases (Saturday Night Imperial Stout with potato chips, pizza dough, and candy), live music, and much more.

According to the website, the Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA is made by workers who “tossed pounds of marshmallows into this batch (toasting some for flavor), then added loads of citrusy and tropical, fruity hops. The result: nostalgically ridiculous.”

Also, the packaging will be different this year. Last year, the package and label resembled the original cereal box red with images of the different marshmallows. This year, the cans will be a leprechaun green, with a glass of beer on the front with marshmallows coming out of it shaped like green money, yellow wheat, purple comedy and drama theatre masks, blue raindrop, and other fun shapes and colors.