Lucifer Season 5 Trailer Drops And Oh My!

The long-awaited season 5 trailer for Lucifer has dropped, and it looks like fans are not going to be disappointed.  Not only did the series get a repreive by the online streaming service Netflix, but it seems a new character is to be introduced that season that no one has seen coming.

The brand new, although admittedly somewhat familiar, character is that of Lucifer’s twin brother—Michael.  And if that isn’t enough to make fans giddy with delight, the new role will be portrayed by Tom Ellis as well.

Debuting back in 2016 on Fox, Lucifer only lasted three seasons before the network decided to cancel the series.  However, fans were not going to let their show go without a fight, and as such, a massive internet campaign launched that demanded additional episodes.

Image: Dean Of Geek

Netflix heard the fans and picked the series up for two more devilish seasons.  When the streaming service took on the series, it was with the intention of it ending with the fifth season.

However, with Tom Ellis and the showrunners having inked new contracts with Netflix, the series was renewed to tie up loose ends in a sixth (and this time they mean it) final season.

The first episodes of the 5th season of the series are currently slated to drop on the streaming service on August 21st, with remaining episodes estimated to be arriving at a yet unknown future date in 2021.

Image: Comic Book

Season 5 is expected to take up where season 4 left off—with a devasting conclusion.  In a hard made decision, Lucifer decided to return to Hell, in an effort to keep the demons there in line.  However, the decision came right after Chloe stepped-up and declared she loved Lucifer.

With both Chloe and the shows fans shocked and heartbroken, it will be hard to wait on the new season.  What other heart-wrenching plans do the creators have in store for Lucifer and Chloe?