Loyal Dog Waits At Train Station for 12 Hours Every Day Awaiting Owner’s Return

They say if you’re loyal to your dog, he’ll be loyal right back. That seems to be the case with Xiongxiong, a dog who faithfully waits at a train station for 12 hours every day for his owner to return.

Every day, Xiongxiong’s owner, a man called as Mr. Chen, leaves for work from a train station in southwest China around 7 a.m. He then spends the next 12 hours calmly awaiting his owner’s return without a care in the world.

“Xiongxiong will appear at the train station at about 7am or 8am every day, when his owner leaves for work,” describes a local resident. “He just waits. The moment he sees his owner, he gets so happy and excited.”

Xiongxiong doesn’t even need to be tied up on a leash; he knows his owner will eventually return for him. He doesn’t eat anything people try to give him and doesn’t respond one way or another if people try to pet him.

“I’ve had Xiongxiong for about seven or eight years,” says Mr. Chen. “Ever since I have had him, he has waited for me every day.”

A video circulating on the Internet shows Xiongxiong sitting patiently during the day, only to bark with excitement as soon as Mr. Chen returns from work.

15-year-old dog waiting outside the railway station every day.

Xiongxiong, a 15-year-old dog, is waiting outside the railway station every day for its master. (PearlVideo)

Posted by China Daily on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The video has already been watched by over 10 million people, making Xiongxiong a pet celebrity in China. People with no official business at the train station have even started to show up to pay him a visit.

At 15 years old, Xiongxiong, whose name means bear in Chinese, is getting on in years. But his loyalty for Mr. Chen has never wavered.

“I hope this relationship will last – I honestly don’t know how long he can carry on,” says Mr. Chen. “He is always happy when he sees me, which makes me very happy too. Xiongxiong always manages to make me less tired from work.”