Living a Simpler Life: Where Do You Even Start?

It seems like there is a new fixation on becoming less materialistic, putting your time into things that truly matter and just becoming more of a “minimalist” in today’s world. This appears to be such a great idea and totally make sense, especially when you’re constantly seeing people spend money on the latest fads but really don’t seem to be truly happy (or maybe you are that person).  But, how do you even start NOT buying stuff? I mean, you like having new clothes and new gadgets that make your life easier because well, who doesn’t? There are so many places to start to change your lifestyle and become more “simple”. You don’t need to jump right in and sell all of your belongings, buy a tiny house and that’s that (although they are really cute aren’t they?!).

Start small. Begin cutting out things in your life that really don’t matter. Things like cable, going out to eat, shopping for new clothing and shoes when you have a whole closet full. That’s just to name a few. This whole lifestyle change is purely about realizing what is important to you in your life and solely focusing on that. Recently in my household, we cut the cable cord and I have to say it was the best first step for us! This may not seem like a big deal for some, and for others it may seem like the end of the world. We just knew this was a place to start because we barely watched it and felt like it was a waste of money. Now we have more time to talk, read, and plan what we really love, which is traveling. By just starting this “new” life with that small change, we already feel a bit freer.

The tiny house trend may just be that for some: something new to delve into for now and then move on to the next “cool” thing when it comes about. However, if you do want to live a more simplistic lifestyle and focus on being happy, remember to start small and see what makes sense for you. Once you realize what matters most in your life, all else will fall in line!