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Little Girl—Who Loves Dogs—Gets A Visit That Brings A Smile To Her Face

A very sick little girl living in Wisconsin, who absolutely loves and adores dogs, got the best surprise on Saturday, An estimated forty members of law enforcement, from police departments all across the state, visited the little girl—and the best part was they brought their K-9 officers with them.

Emma Mertens, 7 years-old, was diagnosed in January with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma—a vert rare inoperable brain tumor.  Shortly after Emma received her diagnosis, her parents started requesting that people send them photos of their dogs, as dogs gi

Image: KKTV.com

ve little Emma such joy.

In the time since the family, located in Hartland roughly 25 miles west of Milwaukee, sent out their request, they have received countless numbers of letters and photos from all over the country—all with the sole purpose to cheer Emma up and make her smile.

But the biggest surprise and most heartfelt act of kindness yet was when K-9 officers from over forty different Wisconsin, along with their handlers, stopped by Emma’s house for the sole purpose of just seeing her.

A recent post to the Hartford Police Department Facebook stated: “Today, just a few of us (roughly 40) stopped by to see Emma.  She had no idea we were coming so she was VERY excited.  What an amazing and strong little girl.  It was such a great morning.”

Image: TMJ4.com

Photos of the visit have circulated showing the K-9’s and their handlers waiting patiently in line to visit with little Emma.  Emma’s parents took to social media, posting “There are no words…Pure Joy!”  They proceeded to thank all of those involved in the organizing as well as the participation in Emma’s special day.  Emma’s mom stated that Emma was still all smiles from the beautiful, unexpected day.

Although the day was a monumental success, others have taken to social media stating that it is sad that it takes something as tragic as Emma’s story to bring the best out in others.  This type of kindness, caring, and love—the expression of real feelings—is something that should be reported on more.