List Of Exercises You Can Do With A Single Kettlebell

It is not easy to build a gym at home.

In addition to the weights you will need if you want to level up your routine, all the machines you had like to use can quickly be costly.

A kettlebell is a slight weight shaped like a ball with an attached handle. It operates like a dumbbell, except you only need one, and the handle makes it easy to hold.

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Your lower body likely can handle more weight than your upper body. It may take some figuring out to use the same weight for all these exercises.

Kettlebells cannot replace a morning run or midday yoga session. Nevertheless, it can replace quite a few weight machines.

Plank Row

Upper body exercises like rowing can help you tone your back and arms. In addition, this plank-based exercise enables you to build core strength.

Take a kettlebell in one hand. You will lift this kettlebell until it reaches your ribs – just beneath and behind your shoulder.


Deadlifts are a great way to develop your legs and glutes. They also offer a bit of a core challenge.

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a kettlebell in your hands. It may be challenging enough to do a few deadlifts. You can try a single-leg deadlift to make it a little more complicated.

Kettlebell Twist

You’ve likely encountered Russian Twists if you’ve spent time building ab strength.

Begin by bending your knees and planting your feet on the ground. Lean back to engage your core. Touch your left hip with your hands after clasping them in front of you.

You can keep twisting back and forth until you feel challenged. Lift your feet off the ground to make things more difficult.

Squat Curl

Squats help you build lower-body strength, and curls help you build upper-body strength. Together, they produce an intense and challenging workout.

Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground when you turn your knees. Keep your elbows bent so that the kettlebell is just in front of your chest.

Straighten your arms, so your kettlebell almost touches the floor once your thighs are parallel to the floor.