Like Popcorn and M&M’s? Popcorn M&M’s Now Exist

M&M’s are one of the most recognizable candies in the world. These tasty chocolate treats also are available in a variety of different types including original, peanut, pretzel, and more. In addition, these little treats have been filled with things like peanut butter, hazelnut, and caramel.

The famous chocolate company is also known for creating and releasing dozens of different flavors, like birthday cake, fudge brownie, strawberry shortcake, toffee nut, mint, dulce de leche, honey nut and much more. In addition, the candy brand also releases holiday flavors like gingerbread, spooky inspired flavors and colors and more.

Now, M&M’s has introduced a brand new flavor: chocolate popcorn. This new flavor is also a nod to football season. These milk chocolate candies are chocolate popcorn flavored, which is a combination of salty and sweet. The new candy is made as a chocolate popcorn-flavored shell with an extra crispy center, and tastes like movie theater popcorn with a hint of chocolate.

This new flavor is good news for die-hard M&M fans, as many people for years have been making popcorn and then poured a bag of M&M’s into it. When the popcorn is hot, the chocolate in the M&M’s will melt softly over the popcorn for a gooey experience.

Using different M&M’s also changes the experience of eating popcorn, based on the flavor combinations. In fact, the treat has been included in a bunch of films as well and has a near cult following for recipes.


The new popcorn chocolate M&M’s are available in three size options right now, so if you want to share you can grab a massive lay-down bag (7.44 oz) or a regular shareable bag (2.83 oz). A single size bag is also available at 1.35 oz. All of these bags will be available on grocery store shelves, convenience stores, Target and Walmart. In addition, these new treats are available at Sheetz gas stations as well.