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Left Handed People Rejoice—You Are Special

The word is official—left-handed people are very special—just ask a scientist.

Throughout the ages, a left-handed individual was viewed as being inflicted with a lifelong weakness, or at least a problem that needed to be overcome.  Even though a lot of research has been done over the years as to why some individuals are right-handed and others left-handed, there is still no definitive answer.

Some theories are that the left-handed gene is from the mother’s side while others suspect an overabundance of testosterone in the womb may prove to be a determining factor.  There was even one study that showed that twins were more likely to be left-handed—who knew?

Image: Indy100

Just a short 20 years ago, scientists were publishing studies that stated that left-handed people were prone to shorter life spans, as well as even more accidents.  Why?  Simply because the world we live in is not accommodating to left-handed individuals.  It is, in reality, built with only right-handed people in mind.

Most everything we use in our daily lives is geared towards those who are right-handed.  Doors are made to be opened primarily with the right hand.  Most simple household utensils and items are geared towards the right-handed, such as scissors and can openers.  Even the usual process of writing can be somewhat of a challenge for the left-handed.

Now, this is not to say that being left-handed doesn’t have its own ingrained perks.  Studies have shown that those who are left-handed are more likely to excel at most sports, as well as being pretty darn gifted with problem-solving skills.

Image: Reader’s Digest

The exact number of individuals in the world is not currently known, some studies estimate that the number is between 5% and 26% of the population.  However, those percentages can vary significantly from culture to region that data is pulled from.

With that all said, one fact is for sure—left-handedness will never become extinct.  As long as the human race exists, a small to medium percentage of them will carry on the left-handed gene.