Lays New Summer Chip Flavors

With the official start of summer comes three new tasty Lays potato chip flavors.  Summer and backyard grilling go hand in hand, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for snacking, including that big ol bag of potato chips that will be the focus of the afternoon grazing.

In their recent press release, Lays introduced their three new limited only for the summer flavors—Chile Mango, Jerk Chicken, and Summer BLT.  The two flavors that seem to be garnering the most interest from consumers are the Chile Mango and the Jerk Chicken.

The Chile Mango is most probably a combination of both sweet and sour for an overall savory flavor.  If you are thinking to yourself that sweetness and potato chips are not a common combination, may we remind you of the still favorite barbecue-flavored potato chips?

Image: Comic Book

Lays describes the Chile Mango flavor as nothing but tropical!  The flavor balance the tangy spiciness of chili peppers combined with the ripe sweetness of mangoes.

Then there is the Jerk Chicken, which sounds out of this world with what many expect to be a massive amount of flavor supplied by the jerk seasoning.  It is almost assured that the smokey, spicy, and sweet combination of flavors is sure to be an instant hit.  This version is also wavy for that extra added delicious crunch.

The third newest flavor, the Summer BLT, is not garnering as much talk or interest.  This lack of interest may be because when it comes to simulated bacon flavors in the past, the results have been epic fails.  Many companies think if they add a smoke flavor that everyone is going to assume it talks like bacon.  The announcement also mentioned that the Summer BLT would also contain both lettuce and tomato flavors.  Wait! What?  Lettuce flavor?  That remains to be seen.