Krasinski’s A Quiet Place To Get A Spinoff

Before the pandemic hit back in the earlier part of the year, we had already heard that there would be a sequel to A Quiet Place.  We then learned that the film had wrapped and was awaiting its release, like many other films.  Also, like those same other films, its release date kept getting pushed back and pushed back.

With all that said, there is some good news to report.  A Quiet Place has been confirmed as getting a spinoff movie.  John Krasinski, the creator of the A Quiet Place franchise, has been rumored to have come up with and developed a storyline that will serve to continue the current franchise well beyond its primary story.  The new spinoff is also rumored to be headed up by director Jeff Nichols.

Image: Pop Crush

This news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter, which is going so far as to report that the new spinoff will be both written and directed by Nichols:

“John Krasinski, who directed and co-wrote the original 2018 movie as well as its still-unreleased sequel, came up with the idea for the new story.  He will also produce via his Sunday Night banner along with Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller.”

Image: IndieWire

A Quiet Place Part II was all ready to release into theaters this past spring when the coronavirus pandemic suddenly gripped the world.  The movie was then pushed to September and then dropped altogether, as most films were, from any release in 2020.  The new scheduled date for release is being said to be April 23, 2021.

It looks like 2021 will serve to be a year for Hollywood to catch up on its film releases.  After the pandemic shut down theaters, it wasn’t until late fall that any were considered for release.  By that time, the peak and prime months for the cinema had already come and gone.