KitKat Unveils New Lemon Crisp Flavor

Another new year, another new KitKat flavor. New candy flavors are announced all the time, and it’s a good way for food brands to introduce new flavors to consumers and take advantage of the holiday and new year rush.

KitKat is the iconic chocolate bar that is breakable and shareable with friends and family. It’s a traditional milk chocolate bar with crispy wafer layers inside filled with even more chocolate. KitKats are also one of the most versatile candies, as they are available in dozens of flavors in countries around the world, especially in Japan.

The newest KitKat flavor announced for 2020 is actually in line with the upcoming spring season, as it’s a lemon crisp flavor. The new lemon crisp KitKat from chocolate giant Nestle has a white creme base with a lemon flavor and a soft yellow hue to the outside chocolate.


One of the most unique things about this new flavor is that the lemon crisp flavor will actually be sold in the miniature size only, not as regular candy bars. Each lemon crisp KitKat will also be individually wrapped and sold in a large nine-ounce bag in stores across the country. the bags will also have a bright yellow coloring to the packaging, with images of cut out lemons on the front as well.

This new lemon crisp flavor also comes as a bit of surprise, as the candy brand actually teased four new flavors that would drop sometime in early 2020, but lemon crips is not one of them. However, candy hunting social media users have actually managed to find this flavor on shelves in just the first week of January 2020. So far, they have been made available for sale at Food Lion stores nationwide, for a similar retail price as other Kitkats, and they should be in more stores soon.