KFC Tests Plant-Based Fried Chicken with Beyond Meat in Atlanta

KFC is the latest major fast food chain to jump on the plant based meat bandwagon. the well-known fried chicken restaurant recently announced that one of their stores would be exclusively offering a Beyond Meat Fried Chicken, in a partnership with plant food company Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat has made headlines since early 2019, when the company announced that plant based meat products would be available in grocery store chain nationwide. The popular Beyond Meat burger is made entirely from plant ingredients. With KFC, the company will test out a bucket of Beyond Meat Fried Chicken, although it’s unclear how long this test market will last.

Customers will need to head to Atlanta to try this new Beyond Meat Fried Chicken, as that is the only store which will serve the test product. If the test goes well, KFC will consider putting the Beyond Meat Fried Chicken in regional markets as well as a wide release nationwide in the future.

Source: Bingage

The move isn’t a total shock, as Kevin Hochman, the president of KFC’s US business, revealed a meeting with the plant based company back in May, in an effort to explore the plant based meat movement which has been growing rapidly in popularity.

The meeting appears to have gone well due to the test product being a reality but according to Hochman it almost didn’t happen. He said, “If you would have asked me six months ago, I would have said no, to be completely honest with you, because we’re about fried chicken.”

In fact, on the first day of sales, KFC completely sold out of the new product in just five hours. Customers lined up around the block and clogged the drive-thru in a move the rivaled the popularity of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich in popularity.  There is no word on an official price for this product yet.