KFC Offers Mac & Cheese Buns with a Fried Chicken Sandwich

KFC is known for releasing new and out of the box foods for their customers, and their newest sandwich is no exception. Their newest fried chicken sandwich is actually made with two buns made out of macaroni and cheese, instead of bread. The new sandwich is being billed as the Mac N’Cheese Zinger, and is a triple dose of fried goodness with cheese, lettuce and bacon.

Unfortunately, this new macaroni and cheese and fried chicken sandwich from KFC is only coming to one KFC market, and right now that is Singapore. A newly released television commercial for the sandwich explains that it is a way to “Spare the bun, coat the mac and cheese, fry it perfectly, add more cheese,  sandwich it with Zinger fillet, crispy turkey bacon, and lettuce.”

A YouTube video calls the new creation the  “ultimate indulgent burger” and is a full-on calorie bomb of delicious fried, cheesy goodness. This sandwich is actually 650 calories on its own, without the bacon, lettuce or added cheese. The macaroni and cheese bun is about 170 calories and the chicken is 480 calories, according to KFC. The sandwich is also reportedly priced at five dollars and fifty cents in US currency, and given the size of this new sandwich is seems every penny is worth it.


It’s important to note that this new cheesy KFC sandwich is in the Singapore market as a test launch, as KFC has been releasing other limited edition menu items across other parts of the world for different audiences.

The Mac N’Cheese Zinger sandwich has been available on Singapore menus since the middle of February, although it’s unclear how long the item will stay on the menu. Test items on the menu tend to stick around for several months, before being discontinued or passed on to other markets.