Kelly Stafford Discusses ‘Snapback’ Culture After Giving Birth

On the latest episode of her podcast, ‘The Morning After,’ Kelly Stafford talked about the pressure to bounce back after giving birth.

Stafford said, “There is no such thing as a post-baby snapback. It is not realistic.”

Stafford became emotional during the episode when recalling the negative feelings she experienced during pregnancy and how unrealistic expectations and low self-confidence resulted in her spiraling out of control.

She said, “Marrying someone in the limelight” made her “very body-conscious. I am very self-conscious when my body is not where I want it to be.”

Stafford also resents that societal pressure made her focus more on her body instead of loving her children.

She said, “It is an incredible thing to carry a baby. You know many people want this so bad that either can’t get pregnant or aren’t able to have a baby.”

Stafford recalls being pulled out of the moment when she noticed her stomach was still protruding immediately after giving birth to her now-4-year-old twins, Sawyer and Chandler.

Her podcast listeners learned that social media misled her into thinking that her body would shrink down after childbirth.

She tried “unhealthy” measures to lose weight when it didn’t.

Stafford said, “You see all these images on social media of these bounce-backs and these snapbacks, and it seems like they have a baby, and within a week they have a six-pack, and medically that is not possible.

She admits now that she worried so much about getting her old body back that she lost sight of what was necessary.