Kelly Rowland And Her Dad Speak About Their Estrangement

It was a happy moment when father and daughter reunited after five years.

After five years and three decades of estrangement, Kelly Rowland and Christopher Lovett have come back together.

Kelly Rowland opened up about the power of forgiveness.

Kelly, who is guest co-hosting the fourth hour with Hoda Kotb, was joined by Lovett as the two shared their journey towards reconciliation.

Rowland revealed in a pre-recorded interview that she was angry and disappointed in him. “I didn’t know why he wasn’t there.”

Kelly says, “I think as a kid you feel like if they are not there, they don’t want to be. So that’s what I felt, and that feeling sucked.”

Kelly’s security team would not let Christopher Lovett backstage when she toured with Destiny’s child.

She said, “I did not want to deal with it at that time. That must have felt terrible because he is watching his daughter here.”

Christopher recalled attending concerts and being refused.

He said, “It was sad.”

Kelly replied, “That was me trying to protect myself.”

When Rowland welcome son Titan, with Tim Weatherspoon, in 2014 it was an emotional time, as she was also grieving the death of her mother, Doris Rowland Garrison.

She recalled, “That is when I decided to meet him. I have no parents.”

Kelly set up a meeting with her father, Lovett, at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

They had a conversation for two hours, and that is when Kelly learned about her father’s painful childhood.

She said, “He was doing the best he could with what he had.”

Lovett said, “I wanted her to hear the other story as what others had told about me was not true. I wanted a chance to see her and tell her that I love her.”

Kelly needed to listen to Lovett’s words.

She said in tears that “It was necessary as the little girl in me needed to hear that.”