Keeping It Trim In The Boardroom: How CEOs Stay In Shape

It’s hard to keep in shape. Our modern lives are filled to the brim with activities, work loads, and family responsibilities, so finding time to hit the gym can be difficult. If you’re the CEO of a large corporation, fitting in a workout can be almost impossible.

Or so you would think.

Physical Fitness In The Boardroom 

Many CEOs have realized that their physical health has a direct effect on their performance in the boardroom, so they’ve set out to find a method that works best for their busy schedules. Eric Schiffer, CEO, a published author, and Fortune 500 consultant, has his workout down to a finely-tuned method. At 50 years old, Schiffer is in better shape than most of his younger co-workers.

How does he do it?

Shiffer Found What Works

Schiffer focuses on time-based intensity with the forced reps and a downward weight stress when in the gym. He believes this routine allows him to hit all of the various forms of fibers in his muscles. He does five sets per exercise, with approximately 4-5 exercises per body part.

“I’ll do bench press, dips with weights, flyes, cable or free weights, and decline and incline chest presses,” Schiffer told Men’s Fitness in an interview earlier this month.

Nutrition Is Key

While Schiffer believes this routine is mainly to credit for his athletic shape, he states one other factor as the most important influence on his well-being: nutrition.

Equally if not more important than the exercise side of staying healthy, nutritional balance is vital in staying in shape – particularly when exercising on a time crunch. Schiffer currently follows a plant-based diet.

An additional factor Schiffer states as important when staying in shape is the value of self-confidence. Schiffer encourages those looking to follow in his fitness footsteps to develop a habit of self-confidence and certainty long before setting foot in the gym.

“I think, to me, it’s critical that you have certainty about yourself and what’s possible for yourself,” he stated.