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Kansas Boy Graduates Both High School And Harvard In The Same Month

A Kansas student, 17-year-old Braxton Moral, like many high school students across the nation, received his graduation diploma.  Having attended Ulysses High School, Moral graduated with his fellow high school classmates this past Sunday.  However, there is something a little different about his graduation—in that on May 30th, he will be graduating again—from Harvard University.  He will be receiving his undergraduate degree.

Moral’s parents had chosen to enroll him into the Harvard Extension School.  This is an offshoot from the main college that offers classes and degrees obtained from online courses and programs that do not require residency.  The offshoot provides this service to any student, regardless of age, as long as they can meet the requirements—which at the age of 11 Moral did.

When speaking to CNN, Moral stated:

“My parents noticed I was bored in school and needed something to inspire growth, so they ended up finding the extension school.”

Image: InformNNY.com

He went on to say that his high school was happy to accommodate his college schedule, as he majored in government and minored in English while attending Harvard.  Amongst his many classes were a JavaScript programming class, a Chinese language class, and Greek mythology.

Moral was highly praised by one of his professor, who referred to him as a “remarkable and unique young scholar.”  The professor went on to state that not only does Moral have an extraordinary intellect, but he has both discipline and endeavor on top of it all.

Moral has also penned his own book “Harvard In The Heartland” and after his graduation from Harvard states he hopes to attend Columbia Law School.  Of his time at Harvard, he told Good Morning America that he felt his horizons have definitely been broadened and that he can understand new things and where he wants to go in life.