Kale, the Superfood: Fresh Ways to Get your Greens

Kale is packed with nutrients that provide many health benefits. It’s a popular green that has been trending in foodie culture because of it’s accessibility and superfood status. Eating kale regularly is good for your body, but can also become boring. Use these fresh ideas to incorporate kale into your next meal, and experience its health benefits without the boredom.

Blend it

Kale’s semi-mild flavor allows it to take a back seat to more prominent flavors. Popular dips can easily have kale blended into them. The next time you make hummus, artichoke dip, or bean dip, add kale into your favourite recipe for a new kick and nutrient packed punch. You can even have kale for breakfast! Blend it into your morning smoothie and drink your way to a healthier you.

Cook it

The texture of kale makes it great for cooking. It can be wilted into your favourite soup, such as butternut squash or white bean. Add it near the end of the cooking process, and let it simmer for a few minutes until the leaves are soft and wilted. Make sure to remove the hard stems and cut the kale into bite sized pieces.  One of my easy and fast side dishes I cook at home is kale sauteed with olive oil, a splash of apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. Simple and nutrient packed!

Another popular method for cooking kale is to bake it as “chips”. The most important step in baking kale chips is to dry the leaves as much as possible. Then tear the kale into bite sized pieces (stems removed), and drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper. In a 350 degree oven, your chips will be crispy and slightly browned on the edges in 10-15 minutes. The possibilities for kale chip flavors are endless! Add a dash of blackened seasoning, or chilli powder, to spice them up. Get a classic chip flavor with sea salt and vinegar. Sprinkle the chips with grated cheese before baking.  Be creative!

These kale ideas are the tip of the iceberg for many interesting ways to use the healthy, nutrient packed leafy green. Experiment with incorporating kale in your next meal using these tips, and get the superfood’s benefits in a fun fresh way.