Jurassic World 3 Back In Production

When the official word came down in Hollywood that filming could resume, Jurassic World 3 was one of the first productions to get back up and running.  One of the stars of the sequel, Bryce Dallas Howard, spoke to protocols that Universal Studios has in place to make sure that the cast and crew are safe.

“There’s been a lot of communication.  They are going above and beyond…we would never go back to work if we didn’t feel safe, and you know we’re taking it a day at a time, and I am very grateful to have a job.”

Jurassic Park: Dominion, starring both Howard and Chris Pratt, is the third entry into the recent reboot of the original Jurassic Park franchise.  While filming at Pinewood in the UK, the film was brought to a sudden halt when the lockdowns were announced and put into place.

As the lockdowns have begun to be lifted, the production has been given the green light to restart.  With the cast and crew beginning to return to work on set, they have a measure of reassurance as to their safety.  Daily conversations and communications are being held with the cast and crew, as everyone tries to determine a manner going forward that will better reduce any risk to them.

Image: Fortune

An executive for Universal production assures that the studio will have strict protocols in place in order the quickly respond to any signs of the virus in any and all of the cast and crew.

The third entry into the franchise sees the dinosaurs rescued from the island on which they were isolated and being brought to the mainland of America.  Humanity will have to open their eyes and deal with not only those dinosaurs in cages but those right next to them.

There will be some familiar faces returning from the original franchise, including Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, and Laura Dern, who will offer their expertise for the ever-growing state of emergency.